Friday, August 8, 2014

What are you Working on? 

Whenever anyone comes to visit the shop, one of the most asked questions is "What you are you working on?"  After that is "Which do you prefer cross stitch or needlepoint?"  These are usually not easy questions to answer because I like to work on multiple projects.  For instance,  right now I am working on the Mystery Halloween Town from Alessandra Adelaide and also doing the Poinsettia class piece, the Independence Inn by Laura Perrin and a stitch along here at the shop, Holiday Wreath by Laura Perrin.  So as you see I have many more things to stitch than I have time to work on!  None of the above include any UFO's and boy are there a lot of those.


So lets have some fun! Go to our Facebook Page and post what you are working on.

Just Nan has announced her August release and I have already placed my order.  Here are the new items.

For those of you who missed out on the Limited Edition Oakley Owlet, Just Nan found a few more and we have ordered some of those.
Stitcher's Treasures also offers a variety of classes.  The Poinsettia, that is shown above, is one that we just started and you can still join us if you like.  We also have some on-going classes for those of you that have done any of Nancy's Pieces and those that just need help with picking stitching and "how to" questions. Here are some examples of the pieces being worked on in Nancy's Class.  Shown are the various Seasonal Houses and how some of us have chosen to do them, as well as Picollo's Stocking. Both of these designs are available to start whenever you want to join us.

On non-class Saturdays we still have an active class room.  On the first Saturday we do a stitch along which is where we are working on the Holiday Wreath.  The second Saturday is our All Day Stitch where we start early and stay till closing!

One of my fellow stitchers, Lenora Goodliffe, just came in and told me that she has multiple PHDs..  I congratulated her and then she explained that she had one in Needlepoint, Cross Stitch and Hardanger.  As I look at her a bit puzzled she gave me this, Projects Half Done.  So now we all have many degrees.


             Happy Stitching,

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