Thursday, March 20, 2014

We are Magnetic!

We have decided to become a magnet shop.  We have many new styles of magnets for you to choose from.  The website has been updated with all the pictures and prices of our current selection - MORE are due in next week.  We have one to fit all of your every stitching need or interest.  Many are strong enough to hold you scissors securely.
Bohin is offering some new scissors.  They are 4 1/3" scissors and come in several colors.  We are taking pre-orders for these.  There are 6 colors and will sell for $32.50.  The colors are an epoxy applied to the metal.  I have included a picture so you can see the colors.

Just a quick reminder, we will be closed this Friday and Saturday.  I am sorry for the conflict in schedules, but things happen in life that sometimes we just can't control.

On a more personal note, on Monday the 24th I will become a grandmother again.  My son and daughter-in-law will be presenting our family with a little boy. We are all very excited with anticipation of this gift from God. 

Our shop mascot, Reba, turned a year old on the 17th.  So she and St. Patrick have something to share but I don't let her drink beer. 

I have started on the second part of the new Alessandra Adelaide's Halloween Town Mystery and waiting for the 1st installment of the new Passione Ricamo 20th Anniversary Mystery.  I am also working on my Summer House and a hardanger piece.  Please don't ask how many others are calling my name, because I have lost count.  

I have been working on my stitching room at home and I think that I am making progress.  I am sharing it with Brandi, our adopted cat.  I don't see her very often as she is not sure she belongs here and is very good at hiding, unless she is hungry.  Typical child whether human or furry, lol.

Well if I want to keep up with my stitching I better get off of this computer and stitch.

Happy Stitching


Friday, March 14, 2014

Need a Spring Thing?

Just Nan has just notified us of the new charts for spring.  They are Bunny Shower, Lorelie Lamb, and Rhyme and Reason.  You can see the on the website at .  But just to peak your interest here is the picture of Rhyme and Reason.

JN272 Rhyme & Reasons

Happy Stitching,

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Urgent Message - Schedule Change

I am sorry to say but we have had a conflict in our schedule and the shop will be closed on Friday, March 21st and Saturday the 22nd. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Needlepoint Now Magazine and Kreinik Announcement

We have received the March/April 2014 Needlepoint Now Magazine.  As always, there are some wonderful pieces with stitch suggestions to make them that much better.  I noticed a 3-dimensional Owl that I think would be a fun stitch-along.  I am checking on the prices now and will let you know.

Kreinik has announced that they will be cutting back on the manufacturing of certain colors.  Please note I did not say discontinuing.  They will be only producing in lots of 25 per color when they have orders that reach that amount   So to paraphrase when they are out of one of these colors they will not produce anymore until they have 25 orders for that particular color.  Also please note that these are older colors that they have not had a big demand for.  Here is  list of the colors that are effected.

In sizes  #4, 8, 12, 16, 24 and 32 Braids plus 1/16" and 1/8" ribbons:

034 Confetti
041 Confetti Pink
042 Confetti Fuchsia
043 Confetti Green
070 Madi Gras
195 Sunburst
235 Red Ember
271 Plum
308 Colonial Red
393 Silver Night
664 Magenta Blue
3240 Opal
3508 Rhumba Green
3509 Cha Cha Verde
3540 Bolero Black
4002 Spice Chai
4003 Ginseng Gold
4004 Earl Grey
4006 Rosehip
5002 Pixiedust
5004 Love Potion
5007 Brocade
5008 Leprechaun
5525 Lemon
5530 Rosemary Green
9300 Orchid
2094HL Heather Hi Luster
056F Blueberry
057F Grape
003C Red Corded
005C Black Corded
007C Pink Corded
008C Green Corded
011C Nickel Corded
012C Purple Corded
032C Pearl Corded
034C Confetti Corded
041C Confetti Pink Corded
051C Sapphire Corded
104C Colonial Gold Corded
208C Wine Corded
225C Slate Corded
088C Lily Pond Corded

There are a few that are being discontinued and they are 4002.4003, 4004, 4006, 056F, and 057F.   When there are gone there will be now more. 

Well that is all for now.  Time to go and stitch.


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Saturday Stitch Along

     Today in the rain and blustery weather seven of us got together at the shop to stitch on SAL and class projects.  It was extremely relaxing and so much fun.  We laughed, stitched and just truly enjoyed ourselves. 

     Dan, from Las Vegas, stopped by and joined us. He has started a new Facebook Page to post your projects.  That is a really get place to share you WIPS and finishes.  Here is the link: .  It is called Show-N-Tell Stitch.  He just started it so give it a chance. I will be posting some of the things I have been working on. Please share this information with your fellow stitchers.

     One of the pieces that I have been working on is the "Patchwork of Peace".  This is a older piece but a fun stitch and very educational.  I finally acquired more of the books.  It has 249 illustrated stitches and an index of where these stitches can be used.  Here is a picture of the book.

     There are lots of new Spring Charts out.  I have been making some selections for the shop.  I do hope that you get by to see.  Also don't forget that now is a good time to start on those fall./winter 2014 projects.
     Well I am off to do some more stitching on my flag.