Friday, March 27, 2015

Strictly Christmas, Dream House Ventures, Labors of Love, etc.

     It has been like Christmas around here with packages arriving from the show.  We are updating the web page a quickly as we can with the new canvases.  I am including some picture here for you.

Dream House Ventures




     We had the first class of the Halloween Train last Saturday and here are a few pictures.


     Dorothy will be teaching the Jean Hilton Puzzle Purse.  If you have a hankering to see a beautiful piece make sure you stop by.  Even if you don't want to stitch it as a purse there are several other ways it can be done.  You can see the pictures on the web site, but they are so much prettier in person.

     I will be teaching a Bargello piece which has been pictured on the class page, but I just got the finished piece back so we updated the picture.  I have it finished as a bolster pillow.  So I will be checking the calendar to set a date for the class.  Nancy will continue to be teaching the Halloween Train over the next several months.  Remember though that she is a very talented teacher and can also help anyone with other projects, so bring them to class.

                                                 Happy Stitching,


Friday, March 13, 2015

My Personal Hell Week

     Things have been really hopping in the shop.  Lots of new needlepoint canvases are arriving.   This week we received Whimsy and Grace and The Artists Collection.  The pictures are all up on the web site.

     I have been stitching on the Hanukkah Club pieces.   I have the first one just about finished.  I did finish the Patchwork of Peace Flag.  With The Artists Collection arriving today I have the first three pieces of the Seasonal Basket Club pieces to start working on.  I guess I have my work cut out for me.  Isn't that the way, finish one and replace it with 3 new one.  Oh well, but how I love it, stitch, stitch, stitch.

    This Saturday is our all day Stitch and a fun day for all the attendees.  The Halloween Train by Raymond Crawford will be starting next Saturday and the following Saturday is the Puzzle Purse.

     There has been a price change on many of the cross stitch fabrics and we are working on getting the web site updated with the new prices. If you have a question please call so we can give you the correct price.

    On a more personal note, I have had a very busy this week with my dogs. As most of you know I have, Rough Collies (Lassie dogs).  For years it has been my dream to breed them.  So in the past four years I have acquired a male, Rusty and female Reba.  It came time for breeding and decisions had to be made if to breed the two I have or bring in another line.  After much discussion with people that have more experience  I decided to bring in another line.  So last weekend Jerry and I drove 2 hours to pick up the other male.  In order to have some sanity, whatever that is my house, I sent Rusty on a doggy vacation.  After a week of getting Reba and the stud mated I had to bring Rusty home to get him ready to show this weekend.  So he came home this morning and now I have to try and keep male dogs apart and a female in hiding.  What fun this has been. Actually it hasn't been that bad, just a series of making plans without knowing what to expect.  So far so good and we should know if there will be puppies coming in about 4 weeks.

     Well I am off to bed as I have an early morning tomorrow getting Rusty ready for the show.  Thanks for reading (listening),

Happy Stitching,