Friday, July 18, 2014

So Many New Stitching Pieces
and Here is something fun!

     I am drowning in so much stash and there are so many new pieces I want to stitchI imagine that I am not the only one with this dilemma.  Also which to do needlepoint, hardanger, or cross stitch.  So many decision so little time, and then there is life.  Can I please just stitch and drop off the life stuff?

     I found these while I was doing a bit of surfing on the internet.  I was so excited because it is one more way to display our needlework.  Here is a picture of my find.

     The on the left is of a completed lamp.  I have chosen to get my own shade.  Your piece of  work is attached to the spool with an adhesive that is already on the base. I personally would back my work before mounting it.

    If you want a shade they are  also  available and it too can have a piece of needlework attached.

     I have purchase the lamps for the shop, if any of you are interested they are $18.00, fully assembled and the wooden part of the lamp is stained in a medium oak color.

     Well it is time to go and stitch.


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late!

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late!
OMG it's July and Christmas is only 167 days away

Summer means we have even less time to get those Christmas Gift projects started!

Plus there are those Thanksgiving projects that we only need a few last items for... 

Time to pull those UFO's back out – or get a new project going FAST if you want to have it for this year!

Oh, and don’t forget Halloween – EEK!

It’s All Coming Way to Fast!
I don't want to be 'Dora the Downer' but I certainly don't want it to creep up on you any quicker.  I know I have been thinking a lot about the Halloween projects I would like to have finished for this year.  Then, of course, the Just Cross Stitch Halloween Special just arrived and you can't believe how many wonderful pieces are packed into this edition.  So many choices and certainly not enough time!
As for Thanksgiving and Christmas well that is another story.  We are stitching Laura Perin's Holiday Wreath as a stitch along .  If you want to join in let us know.  Here is a picture of the Wreath.
The Needlepoint Now Magazine has also arrived and it is chocked full of all kinds of wonderful stitches. 

Time to get back to stitching.