Friday, May 8, 2015

Red Nose Day - Let's Help Fight Hunger and Poverty

Here is what Red Nose Day is all about.
     The money raised during Red Nose Day will be used to fund programs that address the immediate needs of children and young people living in poverty in the U.S. and internationally in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The money will be split between domestic and international poverty issues. The pre-selected charity partners are Boys & Girls Clubs of America; charity: water; Children's Health Fund; Feeding America; Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance; the Global Fund; Lift; National Council of La Raza; National Urban League; Oxfam America; Save the Children and United Way.

     In the U.K., Red Nose Day has been a tradition for 30 years and is an inspiring cultural phenomenon that unites people from all walks of life in the interest of saving and changing lives across the globe. With superstar presenters and comedians, original sketch comedy, hilarious film parodies and amazing musical performances, Red Nose Day has been one of the BBC's highest-rated Friday night shows for many years and raised more than $1 billion in donations so far for organizations addressing poverty.

     We're teaming up with NBC to raise money and change thousands of lives. Red Nose Day's inaugural three-hour entertainment TV special on May 21st, 2015.  I have decided to take part in the Red Nose Day to help fight hunger and poverty in the US.  Here at Stitcher's Treasures we will take 15% of what ever you purchase from Monday, May 11th to Thursday, May 21st and we will donate that amount to this worthwhile cause from our caring stitchers.

Just Clowning Around
Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Happy Stitching,