Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Passed Few Days

    Since I last posted things have been hopping.  Last weekend I had 4 dog shows in two days.  Thanks to my granddaughter, Kayla, and dear friend, Leslie, for helping me.  Jerry would have usually been there but he had his own obligations.  By the end of the weekend we were both exhausted and actually ready for Monday.  It is truly sad to say that you have to go back to work to get some rest, but this week that was true.

     The Patchwork of Peace books arrived today.  They $70 and have 249 different stitch diagrams with a wonderful Index that includes lots of suggestions for stitch applications.

     Sharon G has announced that she is releasing her book "Sense" next week and I will put my order in for it tomorrow.  So as soon as it hits the distributors we will have it shortly thereafter. 

     Threedles created another new piece that is just stunning.  As is her norm she has three color ways and they are just beautiful.  This piece is called Butterfly Effect. (see below)

     Also the new wreath from Laura Perin is out. It is a Valentine Wreath.  What fun it would be if she did one for each holiday. 
    So many new designs and not enough time to stitch them all.  Well we are trying to help with that by offering a place for you to come and stitch with no outside interruptions, as long as you turn off your cell phone.  This Saturday is out stitch along for any projects that are being done as a group, ie.
AAN's Halloween Town.  Some of us have already finished the first part and will be at the shop to see.  Others will be working on their Seasonal Houses. So feel free to come and join us even if you aren't working on either of those projects but on one you choose.
     Well I'm off to finish laundry, ugh.

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