Thursday, April 2, 2015

Happy Easter, Passover and Spring

     This time of year is special to so many of us with the Religious Observance of Passover and Easter.  No matter which one you observe or even if you don't observe either, it is a renewing of the earth and a time for fresh beginnings in nature and the world.  The flowers are all blooming after a time of sleep and so beautiful to look at.  It seems as if just a few days ago nature was still resting and here just a short time later I am seeing flowers and blooms on so many plants and shrubs.  Because of this, we will be closed on Friday afternoon at 3:00 pm.  

     The shop is also blooming in canvases from the show and it is a surprise everyday to see what is arriving.  Just this week Raymond Crawford and Alexa Needlepoint arrived.  Reference books from Ruth Schmuff and Janice McGuire arrived.  Also the Thread Reference Guide by Jane Evans and Liv Weiss.  After looking at these books I have kept a complete set for myself.  They are going to be invaluable for those of you who love to do decorative stitches and use threads for embellishment and texture.
     Many of the new canvases are Halloween and Christmas 'cause you need to think about getting started if you want it done for the 2015 celebration.  

     Classes are being set up for the next few months and will be posted.  For a quick overview, Nancy will be continuing with the Halloween Train and other items she has taught in the past.   Dorothy will be teaching the Butterfly Effect from Threedles, a study in textures on design.  Here is a picture of her work in progress and the one from the designer.


     The colors can be set up to fit you.  There  are three options by the designer, Dorothy's colorway and yours.  The options are unlimited and we will be more than happy to help you pick the colorway of your choice.  

     To help you expedite you time through the website here we have updated the New Arrivals page with the newest canvases and books that have arrived.

     Remember that there is never a time that is not good to stitch.  Take some time for yourself and enjoy you hobby.

                                                                         Happy Stitching,

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