Sunday, September 7, 2014



Psst! I have a Secret

          A little birdie told me that the new Needlepoint Now magazine is going to have Raymond Crawford Halloween Train is going to be featured, with a stitch guide.  We had been contemplating doing this piece as a class, so here is a perfect opportunity for that.  Anyone of you who want to join in on this please let me know as I will be ordering the canvas by mid September.  Make sure you sign up if you want to be included in this.  If you don't live in the area we will be more than happy to provide you with canvas, magazine and the threads.  I don't have a complete cost yet.  The cost for the kit minus stretcher bars and teaching fee is $135.00.  Here is a picture of the three cars.

     The finishing dates for delivery before Christmas are ornaments, pillows and stand-up October 1st and stocking October 15th.

     I was given a link to a free chart from DMC and thought that you might like it.
Click here  for the link.

     The newest information about what is new in the shop for cross stitch in on the

     I have just about finished my Holiday Wreath by Laura Perrin.

      We are interested to know what you would like in the way of classes.  So if you have any ideas let us know. Things that you would like to do in the Spring.  That gives us time to get prepared.

     That's it for now.  I have the itch to stitch.

                                                          Happy Stitching



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