Thursday, February 18, 2016

What's New and Nashville Requests

     Some real quick house keeping.  We have up dated the website with things that are in the shop.  Of course, not everything in the shop is on line (I wish), so if you don't find something and are wondering if we have it please call and ask.

     Nashville Needlework Market 2016 is quickly approaching.  I have to go to Charlotte the week before so on my way home I will be attending the market.  If you click on the link above it will take you to the Facebook Page for the Market and you can see some of the exciting new product that will be available.

     Here are some of the designers that have contacted us with their designs that will be available at Nashville Needlework Market.  I will be updating this blog weekly with new designs as the come into me.  Below is what we have received till 2-17-16.

From Lizzie Kate:

K87 Selfie Sampler Kit
When I began thinking of spring (months ago) I was charmed by this gorgeous rose colored linen, so I developed a kit around this "rosy" theme. We've been aiming for a positive, empowering theme for L*K in 2016 (our 20th year!!!), and I saw this perfect saying: "Dear self, today I will shine."This was the perfect sentiment for this "selfie" project. 

Selfie Sampler Kit includes gorgeous 32 ct. red pear linen from WDW, rosy beads, "Made with Love" silver charm and mother-of-pearl button. We're including 2 different stitching options, so you can choose your favorite shape. We couldn't decide, so we'll let you make the choice. The linen provided will work with either design shape. There's also a bitty BONUS design. We rolled our BONUS into a darling little weenie, but it will also make a sweet fob. However you do the BONUS, we're including the silver "Made with Love" charm to embellish, and you furnish a bit of fabric from your stash. Now you can have a "selfie" in stitches...notjust on your camera phone!

K87 Selfie Sampler Kit - click for a larger view

K89 Red White and Blue Kit - click for a larger view
K88 Love Summer Limited Edition Kit
Following in the footsteps of Very Merry Santa, and Hello Spring, we're continuing our little "purse" series. Love Summer includes our favorite summer-y motifs, including our first L*K mermaid. She's holding a golden shell charm. Kit includes 30 ct. Lambswool linen, classic bandana finishing fabric, twine handle, and complete finishing instructions. Summer is just around the corner, I hope. Just like our other pocket/purse kits, this one is a Limited Edition.

K88 Love Summer Limited Edition Kit - click for a larger view
K89 Red White and Blue Kit
We're in a patriotic mood at L*K in 2016 and we're proud to wave the red, white and blue. Classic sampler motifs combine with classic L*K charm (and a big, wavy flag!) to create a sweet sampler. Kit includes 32 ct. Lambswool linen, iridescent white beads, deep sea houndstooth wool, vintage-look backing fabric, stripe ribbon, mother of pearl round button, twine for cording AND (whew!)complete finishing instructions. Long may she wave!

From  Romy's Creations

Nashville Exclusive Design

Design stitched on 32 count country mocha linen by Zweigart

Design stitched on 32 count raw linen by Zweigart

Two ways to finish the same design: square or biscornu, design and finishing info- stitched twice: one on 32 count Belfast linen vintage Sahara by Zweigart and one on a checkered 28 count Italian linen that you can replace with any other 28 count linen of your choice)

From Mani di Donna

The Lady and the Swan
(Chart with finishing instructions included)
Fabric: 30 count Beige by Weeks Dye Works 
Treads and ribbon: Dinky Dyes

Bobbin and Pins Accessories for the Lady and the Swan

Reproduction Scissors

From MTV
Beautiful Spring Sewing Set
Dinkydyes Silk Thread : Ruby, Major Mitchell, Dark Chocolate,Gidgee,Mulga, Passion Flower
Fabric 32 ct. Zweigart Pale Lilac

Tree of Life Sewing Box

This project was stitched on Fabric: 32 ct, Belfast Linen Angel Hair by Weeks Dye Works
(needed 17x27 in) Stitches used: Cross stitch (2over2), Queen Stitch,BackStitch, Rhodes Heart Stitch, bead Stitch Threads Used : Weeks Dye Works 1291(2 skeins),1225, 2237, 2211, Special materials: Mill Hill beads :10020 and 10076 1 Pack of each.  Chart Include Heart as charm by Ceramiche di Capodimonte-Italy and finishing info.

Tree of Life Sewing Box Accessories

Elegance in Autumn Sewing Kit
This project was stitched on Fabric: 32 ct, Belfast Linen Angel Hair by Weeks Dye Works
Stitches used: Cross stitch (2over2),BackStitch,Bead StitchThreads Used : Weeks Dye Works 1291,1224,1232,1193 Special materials: Mill Hill beads :00557 
finishing info

Giulia Punti Antichi
Mary Robinson 1824 Sewing BoxA beautiful sewing box inspired by an original sampler of my collection! Silk Gloriana Hand Dyed Threads,
36 Confederate Grey hand dyed linen from Weeks Dye Works.

Ann Hull 1836 Sampler
This lovely reproduction comes with all stitching, special stitches and finishing instructions

Old Glory Sewing Box
The chart comes with all finishing instructions for mounting into the Cherry Wall Pocket box from Priscilla's Pocket.

Islensk Sjónabók Hornbook Threadkeeper and NeedleminderLimited as a kit, available as just a chart .. Icelandic chart comes with all finishing instructions, shown stitched on 36ct Parchment linen using Silk’n Colors In The Burgundy. The kit comes with Hornbook, fabric, thread and cording

Gather Me Up - Queen Sewing PurseA collaboration project with Mani di Dona - two forever friends, sharing their stitching and finishing tips to create this beautiful sewing purse with needlebook, pincushion and scissors fob!

Elizabeth A Sampler Pincushion
What a wonderful collectors item this will be.  You get double the pleasure, a stitching project and a beautiful doll.
 The chart comes with the finishing instructions and doll is shown stitched on 32ct Navy Bean from Lakeside Linens using Gloriana Florimel Silk (Spanish Moss, Highland Garden, Twilight, Olive Grove, Elizabethan Green, Old Gold, Pacific Blue and Carmine Rose). The available Silver Chatelaine makes a stunning accessory.

Elizabeth's Trunk
Elizabeth also has a trunk to keep her wonderful things.  Chart comes with complete finishing instructions and is stitch on 32ct Lakeside Linen using Gloriana Florimel Silk. Available accessories shown are the Silver Thimble and beaded scissors fob.

Hands on Designs and Just Another Button Company

Enjoy the beautiful words of Ralph Waldo Emerson presented as chalk art—with a little bit of color.

The [A.Moment.In.Chalk] chart
Includes buttons and the bonus [scroll.border] chart for stitching the entire [chalk.squared] series.

What is Chalk.Squared?

  • A year-long series of calendar floral designs to release one-a-month in 2016. Charts are $3.50 each wholesale.  The full series will be shown at Nashville, but a preview is inside the chart for []
  • [] is a centerpiece for the arrangement of all 12 pieces from the [chalk.squared] series.
  • Measurements, floss and the [scroll.border] for this collaged piece are all included with the chart for []
  • An autoship for the series is available for April-December (3 chart minimum). Button packs are sold separately—autoship is also available (3 pack minimum).  Autos ship from JABC.
  • January, February and March charts are available first at Nashville.  Auto signups will ship after the show

What else do you need?

White Enameled Candle Pans

4" Round Finishing Kit
with instructions

Button Packs
available from
Just Another Button Company
prices per pack will vary

Scroll Board
for finishing

32 Count Linen
available from
Weeks Dye Works
135 x 135 stitches
Calendar Designs
60 x 60 stitches
317 x 317 stitches

Gentle Art
[Chalk.Squared] Series

     Well all this is enough for now.  Keep watching for more.

    Happy Stitching,                                              


Thursday, January 7, 2016

It's Stitching Time 2016

     2016 has come to California with a bang.  We actually have had rain and a tornado warning.  A bit scary for those of us who have never had to deal with tornadoes.

     For those of you who visited the shop you know that we have shop dogs.  You could be greeted by Rusty, Reba, Saber or Bella.  (Bella is the noisy one and the littlest.)  Well I was blessed with 6 new puppies on December 5th.  You will not be seeing them at the shop but when we have placed them in appropriate homes you will get to meet the one or ones that I decide I can't live without.  Here is a quick little video that was taken last night.

     The class page of the web site has been updated with out upcoming offerings.  So make sure you check out what is available to you.  It is fun to learn new stitches and techniques.  We are introducing a beading class so you can expand you horizons. 

     The newest Needlepoint Now magazine is the store.  As par for the course, it is full of very interesting articles and new projects.  

     Between the holidays and the puppies I haven't been doing much stitching  but here is a picture of a sampler that I have been trying to complete.  This is only the bottom left corner.

So all I have left to do is the border and that is a little over half way done.  

     Well I am off to see what other trouble I can get into for now,  

                                                                          Happy Stitching,


Friday, December 4, 2015

Upcoming Schedule of Shop Hours

Due to the unforeseen circumstances of what is happening I am going to try and give you a schedule of when the shop will be open.  We are not closing but with family coming in for Jerry's Memorial Service and Beth's husband having knee surgery we are dancing around to maintain the shop hours.  What I am posting will be to the best of our knowledge but if you would feel more comfortable, you can always call before you come so that you don't waste a trip.

          Sat. 12-5           12:30 pm - 5 pm
Sun. 12-6Closed
Mon. 12-7 10 am - 5 pm
Tues. 12-8 10 am - 5 pm
Wed 12 - 9 11:30 am - 5 pm
Thurs 12-10 10 am - 5 pm
Fri. 12-11 10 am - 5 pm
Sat. 12-12 10 am - 1 pm
Sun. 12 - 13 Closed
Mon. 12-1412:30 pm - 5 pm
Tue. 12-15 10 am - 4 pm
Wed. 12-16 Closed
Thur. 12 - 17 10 am - 5 pm
Fri. 12-18 10 am - 5 pm

I am sorry that there is such variation in this but it is what it is - and it's a bit out of my control right now.  I ask for your patience with me during this time.  I now have another hat I have to wear with Jerry's business and my mind is in two places. Thank you for your continued support.

Happy Stitching,                                        


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Sad New and Thanksgiving Wishes

 There is no easy way to say this but to spit out.  I lost the love of my life, my best friend and my love, Jerry on November 13th.  My world to say the least has been turned upside down.  After 46 1/2 years I am the lone decision maker.  I am thankful in the peace that God has given me.  I know that Jerry is in heaven and no longer in pain and able to do all the things that he hadn't been able to do the last few years.   
     So with that being said there are so many things to be thankful for, to numerous to count.  I wish for all of you to have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I wish you love and just want to remind all of you that it is never to soon to mend broken relationships and not to forget to tell the ones you love that you love them.  You will never know when it is too late.  

    Happy Stitching,                                                  


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Upcoming Events & Fun Things Afoot!

     I have been having fun getting the shop decorated for Halloween.  Here are a few pictures so you can enjoy since you might not be able to visit.

     I hope I am not jumping the gun, but I wanted to let you know of the upcoming events that we are panning..
  1. Halloween Pot Luck - This is a normal stitch day for us so let's make it fun.  If you will be coming to stitch with us please let me know if you will be participating.  We would love to have all the bases covered so if you could let us know that you plan on bringing that would be great.  For those of you what can't come and join us you can join in on the fun.  We will have all Halloween charts and canvases on sale for 20% off
  2. Thanksgiving we stitch and eat on both Friday and Saturday. We all bring left overs and just have fun.  For those of you who remember that was our Alex weekend.   Sadly we don't have that special time with our friend/teacher but we hold onto those special memories.  But a happy note for me it is my birthday.  So I guess that equals some of it out
  3. We will be having a Christmas party at the shop, December 12th, details to be announced.
  4. January 23rd & 24th we will be have a special event, so mark your calendar.  I will be releasing more information as we get all the details worked out.     
     The new Just Nan pieces should be arriving next week.  Here are the pictures.


     If you want one call and get added to the list, you don't  miss out.  The Reindeer Mouse is a limited edition.  What cute ornaments these would make on your Christmas tree.

Happy Stitching.